Guide on how to update the Modmail bot.

Your Modmail is set to auto-update itself by default, but you can also run the ?update command on your bot manually, replacing ? with your bot prefix.

If for some reason your update command isn't working correctly, you can update your bot by going into your Modmail folder and pulling the latest changes from GitHub with the steps below.

First, determine whether you have the official Modmail repository cloned or a fork by observing the output of the command below:

cat .git/config

If the output shows this exact URL as shown below,

[remote "origin"]
        url = https://github.com/modmail-dev/modmail.git

you can go ahead and run the command below to pull in the latest changes:

git pull

Else, it means that your repository is a fork and must update (aka sync) it independently. If your repository is hosted on GitHub, click on the button on your repo's GitHub URL as highlighted below:

Run the git pull command above locally after syncing your fork.

And then, be sure to restart your bot to apply the update.

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