Modmail comes with an advanced permission system. The different permission levels are:

  • Owner [5]

  • Administrator [4]

  • Moderator [3]

  • Supporter [2]

  • Regular [1]

To see which commands are available to which permission, you can see the numbers next to the command in the help menu.

Setting Up

You can add permissions in 2 different ways.

Adding a level to a role or user

?permissions add level [name] [role/user]


  • ?perms add level Regular everyone

  • ?perms add level Moderator @mods

  • ?perms add level Owner @user

Adding a command to a role or user

?permissions add command [name] [role/user]


  • ?perms add command reply @user

  • ?perms add command "plugin enabled" @role

  • ?perms add command help 984301093849028

If you need help setting up permissions, feel free to join our Discord server and DM Modmail. One of our support members will help you.

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